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As anti-money laundering practices begin to take a more risk-based approach, MLRO operations are evolving. The SRA now require more action from today’s Risk and Compliance Officers and have sent over 7,000 letters to law firms requesting them to respond to audits and change. The 5MLD is up and running and the outlook for the future is just as challenging with a possible 6MLD expected, the growing importance of cryptocurrencies and amidst global regulatory developments.

ARK’s Anti-Money Laundering Compliance for Law Firms conference is widely respected as the only event in the market aimed at senior law firm MLROs that also combines high-level, forward-thinking policy and regulatory updates with practical guidance from the realities of legal practice. This year's event provided attendees with a checklist to prepare the MLRO operating environment with peer-to-peer panel sessions, practical case studies and an outlook beyond 2020.   Read more

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2020 Agenda

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By attending AML for Law Firms Digital, attendees had the opportunity to:

Prepare their legal services business for an SRA AML compliance visit. Attendees heard from peers in their line of work as they offered their first-hand experience and the necessary steps required to record practice-wide AML risk assessment.

Analyse a case study exploring the complexities and implications of unexplained wealth orders to benchmark your organisation’s processes.


Explore the key issues MLROs are facing, including what’s behind the SRA 2020 compliance review and the common compliance issues people face.

Address the impact of the 5MLD, hear insight on what may be ahead in the 6MLD and get the answers they needed by putting your questions to our expert speakers.  


Hear contributions from members of the Law Society’s Money Laundering Task Force and discuss best practice on AML reporting, due diligence and training.


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