Know Your Customer (KYC) regulation is increasing. So are the costs and impacts on the financial industry globally. encompass automates information and news discovery for KYC requirements for client onboarding, event-driven refresh and remediation. Driven by your internal policies and choice of reliable, independent sources, encompass constructs corporate ownership, discovers beneficial owners, and comprehensively screens entities and persons for risk.

Our advanced intelligent process automation dynamically builds a comprehensive KYC profile from multiple sources, including corporate registries, company and regulatory data, adverse media and identity verification - enabling fast, confident decisions. Incorporating leading biometric and eIDV sources for individual KYC verification, encompass delivers a single platform to manage every type of customer.

  • Improve the quality of your KYC - get the full picture of your customer for safer, more informed decisions.
  • Reduce the cost of KYC - eradicate valuable hours wasted on repetitive, manual tasks.
  • Gain full control of KYC - full automation ensures your policies and procedures are consistently enforced across your organisation.
  • Improve customer experience - reduce the customer due diligence process from up to three hours to just three minutes.



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